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Chicago DOT Issuing an Invitation to Bid on CREATE Project GS11 Railroad Grade Separation: Columbus Ave. at Maplewood Ave.

The Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) is issuing an invitation to bid on the CREATE GS11 Railroad Grade Separation. The location of the Grade Separation is: Columbus Ave. at Maplewood Ave. from Western Ave. to Kedzie Ave (Specification: 1236026). A prebid meeting will be held on June 6, 2024 at 10:00am at the following location: 2 N. LaSalle St., Chicago, IL 60602 Mezzanine Conference Center, M-04, Great Fire room. The bid due date has been extended to **July 17th, 2024 at at 11:00am.** The Electronic Bid/Addendum documents are available for downloading and printing at Click here to view the ...
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Village of Dolton Issuing an Invitation to Bid on CREATE Project WA11 Water Main Replacement Project

Village of Dolton, Cook County, is issuing an invitation to bid on the CREATE WA11 Water Main Replacement Project (CDBG Project # 2007-107. REL Project # 22-R0498). This water main relocation is taking place to avoid utility conflicts with the track work for the CREATE WA11 Dolton Interlocking project. The bidding forms and documents are available at the office of Robinson Engineering Ltd, (708-331-6700). However, they may be obtained electronically via email. A bid package of all contract documents may be obtained via email at No proposal will be issued to bidders after 12:00pm, on March 24th, 2023. Click here to ...
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Bid Awards

CREATE Project ID Project title from bid advertisement Awarded Vendor Date Award Value
EW3a-NS Construction Manager for CREATE Project EW3a TranSystems 13-Jun-24 Not Applicable*
EW2-NS Engineering Service Provider (ESP) for CREATE Project EW2 Gannet Flemming, Parsons, Hanson 17-Jul-23 Not Applicable*
P3-BOCT-TSB-007-Z-STAGE II P3-BOCT-TSB-007-Z-STAGE II Granite Construction Company 8-Jun-22 $204,963,667.90
P3-BOCT-XXX-003-Z-ROW Right-of-Way Services for CREATE Projects P3/GS19 Mathewson Right of Way Company 29-Jan-20 Not Applicable*
EW2-NS CREATE EW2 NS Professional Services Alfred Benesch & Co. and TranSystems 12-Aug-19 Not Applicable*
B9-CSX B9 Project Construction Manager STV 14-Jun-19 $2,985,091.00
B9-BOCT-TXB-002-Z-BD CREATE B9 Track, Earthwork, Grading, Bridge, and Sound Wall construction RW DUNTEMAN 5-May-19 $7,960,665.00
P3/GS19-CSX (75th St. CIP) CREATE 75th St CIP - P3/GS19 Projects Professional Services Parsons 3-Apr-19 Not Applicable*
B1-METRA-TSX-003-A-BD RFP No. 09776, CREATE B1 Interlocking Signal System Upgrades, Franklin Park West Alstom Signaling Operation, LLC 26-Oct-16 $7,945,126.00
WA1-UP-XXB-003-B-FE CREATE WA-1 Rockwell Subdivision Bridge Engineering Alfred Benesch & Company 29-Jul-16 $4,698,000.00
WA2-BOCT-TXX-004-B-BD CREATE WA2 B&OCT/CSXT TCS Project in Blue Island, IL K-Five 1-May-15 $125,000.00
Viaducts II City Wide Miscellaneous Viaduct Roadway Improvements-Project No.2 Sumit Construction Company Inc. 12-Mar-15 $4,614,461.60
GS6 Contract No. 63887 FAU 2714 (25th Avenue) St. Charles Road to Lake Street in the Village of Melrose Park and Village of Bellwood Herlihy Mid-Continent Company 29-Oct-14 $17,246,409.14
WA4-BNSF-TSB-003-Z-BD CREATE WA4 Earthwork, Grading, Bridges and Retaining Walls Project in Chicago, IL (Cook County) Illinois Constructors 29-Oct-14 $20,976,468.12
B16-BOCT-TXX-002-Z-BD CREATE B-16, B&OCT/CSXT Project Dyer Construction 25-Jun-13 $334,412.80
GS16 (contract 2 of 3) Contract No. 60W01, FAU Route 1321 (IL 19) (DuPage County) Kenny Construction Company 4-Apr-13 $18,488,185.29
GS16 (contract 1 of 3) Contract No. 60N06, FAU Route 1321 (IL 19) (DuPage County) A. Lamp Concrete Contractors, Inc. 20-Nov-12 $1,247,731.00
GS25 Contract No. 60I22, FAP 347 (IL 38) (DuPage/Kane Counties) Plote Construction, Inc. & Dunnet Bay Construction Company, JV 10-Oct-12 $25,838,559.40
Viaducts I Citywide Miscellaneous Viaduct Improvements Acura, Inc. 31-Mar-12 $4,124,000.00
P1-Metra-TXB-003-A-BD Construction Services for CREATE P1 Englewood Flyover IHC Construction company 22-Jul-11 $4,430,626.00
WA10-BOCT-TSX-002-Z-BD CREATE WA10 B&OCT/CSXT Project in Blue Island, Illinois R W Dunteman 23-Jun-11 $1,911,013.00
GS14 Contract No. 63556, FAU 1537 71st Street (Cook County) Lorig Construction Co. / Lindahl Brothers, Inc. 8-Jun-11 $16,108,651.80
GS-15a 130th St/Torrence Ave. Intersection Improvements & Grade Separation Walsh Construction Company 13-Dec-10 $101,800,753.95
WA3-NS-TXX-008-E-BD Sitework for the Construction of CJ Tracks at Ashland Ave., Chicago, IL Dyer Construction Company, Inc. 15-Oct-10 $227,336.00
B2-UP-TXB-002-AT-BD CREATE B-2 Reconfigure 25th CP&Flyover IHB Proviso Walsh Construction Company 1-Oct-10 $11,950,110.50
WA2-BOCT-TXX-002-A-BD CREATE WA2 B&OCT/CSXT TCS Project in Blue Island, IL Cranemasters, Inc. 13-Jan-10 $296,784.00
WA4-BNSF-TSB-001-AB-FE CREATE Program WA4 Design Engr. & Const. Mgmt. Services Hanson Professional Services, Inc. 11-Jan-10 $2,458,800.00
B12-BOCT-TSB-003-Z-BD CREATE B12 CSXT/IHB Third Mainline in Alsip, IL Albin Carlson & Co. 17-Dec-09 $4,920,688.90
WA3-NS-XXB-D-006-BD CREATE Ashland Ave Yard Lead Improvement Project McHugh Construction Company 12-Jun-09 $5,591,682.36
B6-BOCT-TSX-001-Z-BD CREATE B6 McCook Interlocking project in McCook, IL Walsh Construction Company 14-Aug-08 $1,652,389.90
WA5-BNSF-TSX-002-A-BD CREATE WA5 Communications Package MP Nexlevel, LLC 4-Jun-08 $281,526.00
WA5-BNSF-TSX-002-A-BD CREATE WA5 Civil/Compressed Air Package Dyer Construction Company 4-Jun-08 $572,872.50
B3-UP-TXX-001-A-BD CREATE B-3 Project in Melrose Park, IL RT Milord Company 12-May-08 $577,835.43
WA3-NS-TXX-004-B-BD CREATE WA3 Project in Chicago, IL (Cook County) Timiny R/R Construction 1-May-08 $93,285.00

*Engineering and design related services are competitive negotiation (qualification-based selections) in accordance to 23 C.F.R. Part 172 Federal requirements.