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The CREATE Program is a unique public-private partnership that is impacting the everyday lives of your constituents and the long-term economic health and competitiveness of our city, our region, our state and our nation.

  • US. Department of Transportation (Federal Highway Administration and Federal Railroad Administration)
  • Illinois Department of Transportation
  • Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways
  • Chicago Department of Transportation
  • The Association of American Railroads representing:
    • BNSF Railway
    • Canadian National
    • Canadian Pacific
    • CSX
    • Norfolk Southern
    • Union Pacific Railroad
    • The Belt Railway of Chicago
    • Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad
    • Amtrak
    • Metra
  • Better railways mean more and better jobs.
    • In Illinois, more than 18,000 people are employed by freight and passenger railroads and there are more than 38,000 rail-related jobs in Illinois.
    • Railroad wages are highly competitive, averaging $111,630 a year with benefits.
  • Improvements to railroad-related infrastructure mean opportunities for the communities through which trains pass.
    • CREATE projects strive to address social and economic equity at the same time as making needed transportation improvements. In the past, large freight rail projects have generated adverse community impacts on some of our region’s most vulnerable communities. The CREATE Program is reversing that trend by implementing improvements to our freight rail system that result in safety and quality of life benefits to the local communities most impacted by their presence.
    • The CREATE Program’s work in communities such as Englewood and Ashburn on Chicago’s South Side, and Pullman and Riverdale on Chicago’s far South Side, represent significant improvement in infrastructure and safety and is a step towards reversing decades of low private and public investment.
  • Modern railways keep Chicago competitive as a major business and transportation hub.
    • Right now, Chicago is both the primary rail freight hub of North America and a chokepoint—one of every four freight trains pass through Chicago but infrastructure improvements are needed to increase capacity and reduce delays.
    • As our economy expands the amount of goods shipped continues to grow, and the demand for freight rail service will continue to increase.
    • If we can meet the growing need for efficient and improved rail infrastructure, it will mean more jobs and increased economic opportunity for our city, region and state.
  • Investment in railways is investment in energy efficiency and a greener future.
    • Railways are one of the most energy efficient forms of freight transportation and improved railways reduce fuel consumption and air pollution, so Chicago neighborhoods and suburban communities will be healthier and greener.
  • To contact the CREATE Program, email info@createprogram.org
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