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Cottage Grove & Indiana Harbor Belt/CSX Grade Separation

Topline Community Benefits

Improved roadway and safety conditions.

128 freight trains will benefit from increased speeds and preservation of fuel sources.

Less potential for costly rail-vehicle collisions.

Project Funding Needs

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Project initiation pending funding availability (Phase I)

Project Location Map

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Project Area

North Limit 138th St.
South Limit E 142nd St.
East Limit Maryland Ave.
West Limit Evans Ave.

Project Overview & Impact

Daily, 5,100 vehicles pass through the at-grade crossing of Cottage Grove and the four Indiana Harbor Belt (IHB) and CSX tracks, causing delays, congestion, and safety concerns. This project will reduce roadway congestion and improve safety at this location by eliminating the crossing by creating either an overpass or underpass for vehicles at this location.

The grade crossing separation will eliminate delay to approximately 1,300 vehicles daily, resulting in alleviation of over 26,000 annual motorist hours of delay. It will also eliminate the potential for collisions between vehicles and trains.


Project Benefits

The Cottage Grove and IHB/CSX Grade Separation will create safer and smoother traffic and multimodal operations at a key crossing.

Nearby Chicago, IL Community Areas: Dolton

Analysts at the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) estimate that weekday motorist delay at the region’s grade crossings cost residents $332 million in wasted productivity in 2018 alone. The crossing’s improvements will boost local and regional economic throughput.

A reduction in idling vehicles and trains will improve local health and environmental outcomes. 128 freight trains will benefit.

Improved freight operations benefits any passenger rail service that may interface or use similar infrastructure.

Project Status

Phase I Upcoming
Phase II Upcoming
Phase III Upcoming

Project Status Definitions:
– Phase I: Environmental & Preliminary Engineering
– Phase II: Final Design (Plans, Specifications & Estimates)
– Phase III: Construction

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