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LaGrange/Broadview Signalization

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North Limit Lake St.
South Limit W 47th St.
East Limit East Ave.
West Limit Barnsdale Rd.
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Daily Trains Affected

56 Freight trains (CN, CP, IHB, UP, and NS)

Communities Benefited:

  • Bellwood, Broadview, La Grange Park, LaGrange, McCook, Melrose Park


Prior to completing this project most trains spent up to 2 hours traversing the limits of this project due to the hand-thrown switches and restricted speeds. B4/B5 signal improvements and powering of hand thrown switches now allow trains to pass through this segment in as little as 20 minutes. Now trains can operate at speeds to 30 mph, a significant increase from a “restricted speed” (between 1 and 20 mph) prior to the project. Trains also now have greater flexibility for simultaneous and bidirectional train movements with the addition of two control points.

At the northern end of the project area trains enter and exit Proviso Yard. The signal improvements have provided more options to move trains in and out of the yard and pass around stationary trains waiting for route availability.

The signal system upgrades provide greater visibility for the train dispatcher, enabling him or her to know the exact locations of trains in the area. This enhances the dispatcher’s ability to route more trains through the territory, expanding overall capacity. Additionally, greater flexibility to keep trains moving reduces conflict with at-grade highway crossings at the south end of the project area in LaGrange and La Grange Park (47th and East/Eberly, Cossitt, Lincoln Ave, Shawmut, Harding Ave., and 31st Ave.)

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Scope of Work

Project B4 installed a new bi-directional computerized Traffic Control System (TCS) along a seven-mile segment of the Indiana Harbor Belt (IHB). This project upgraded over a dozen hand-thrown switches to power switches.

The project upgraded IHB track from a siding track to a mainline track. The installation of a new Control Point (CP Broadview) included installing a universal crossover to the CN, enabling trains to switch tracks when traveling in either direction.

In addition, the project upgraded the West Pass siding track to a controlled, signaled siding. New control points were added at CP Madison, CP Broadview, and CP 22nd St.

Another control point (CP Rose) was reconfigured and the current hand-operated switches at Lake St. were replaced with power switches and included as part of a new control point – CP Rose Lake. The project also included installing higher-speed crossovers at CP LaGrange.

Project Status

Phase I Completed
Phase II Completed
Phase III Completed
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Project Location Map

Project outlines and locations shown above are approximations and do not necessarily represent final design and construction limits.