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Final Feasibility Study

Final Feasibility Study

The CREATE Program Final Feasibility Plan and Final Preliminary Screening documents were developed in 2005 to establish overall “Program Level Goals and Strategies” and to define the objective of each component project within the Program. It contains a list of projects that includes the scope (objective/intent, work description and preliminary purpose and need) of each project, the goals and objectives of the CREATE Program and the resultant net benefits realized through the implementation of the entire CREATE Program. There are currently 70 individual projects included in the CREATE Program, all designed to improve the safe and efficient movement of passengers and freight on the railway system, reduce delays and enhance safety for travelers on the roadway system, and provide air quality benefits for the Chicago region.

The final CREATE Feasibility Plan was released by the CREATE partners in August 2005, and subsequently endorsed by the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP). The first amendment to the CREATE Program Feasibility Plan was completed in 2009. A modification to the amended Feasibility Plan was completed in January 2011. A clarification, specific to the WA7 project, was published in July 2012.

Revisions to the CREATE Program are governed by United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) procedures. During implementation of the CREATE Program, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) recognized that some revisions were small, and the overall impact was minor and easily discerned. Consequently, more than one process for documenting these revisions was established. A major revision would be considered an amendment while a minor one would be considered a modification. A third process is also available to accommodate emergency revisions where time is critical, and the revisions may occur due to unforeseeable events.

CREATE Project WA7 – CREATE Program FP&PS Clarification – July 18, 2012 (PDF)

Final Feasibility Study Amendment 1 (Modified) – 2011

Final Feasibility Study Amendment 1 – 2009 (PDF)

Original Final Feasibility Study – 2007 (PDF)

Along four rail corridors throughout our region, we are investing $4.6 billion in 70 projects to:

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across the Chicago region

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of national and regional significance

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