Disadvantaged Business Enterprises


We encourage certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprises DBEs to work with the CREATE Program. If you are a DBE interested in working with the CREATE Program, sign up to receive notifications of open bids, informational meetings and upcoming opportunities.

Hear from Ardmore Roderick, a Chicago company doing business with the CREATE Program.

In July 2020, Ardmore Roderick, a certified DBE firm headquartered in Chicago, was selected to work with the 75th Street Corridor Improvement Program (75th St. CIP).

“Recently, our company just won a prime project doing design work for a portion of the 75th Street Corridor Improvement Program that is raising a couple of the bridges around the viaducts on the South Side of Chicago to increase the flow of the trains going over top and also traffic flow up under it to make it a little more seamless and easy for the community to navigate around. We pride ourselves on being a diverse firm from top to bottom. I’d like to believe we are a testament that you can have a diverse firm, diverse people and diverse leadership and not have to sacrifice quality, like it’s often told—incorrectly, I might add.”

The 75th Street Corridor Improvement Program is located in the Chicago neighborhoods of Ashburn, Englewood, Auburn Gresham and West Chatham along two passenger and four freight rail lines. The 75th St. CIP will help eliminate one of the most congested rail chokepoints in Chicago and will design and construct community mobility improvements to enhance safety and accessibility for community members.