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Topline Community Benefits

The CREATE WA11 project is designed to improve the speed at which rail freight and intercity trains move through the Chicago region. The project will upgrade and reconfigure the CSX1/IHB/UP connections at Dolton Interlocking, with the following key features:

  • Construction of a third main line with direct access from CSX and Barr Yard to the UP;
  • Installation of crossovers between two mainline IHB tracks; upgrade connection between IHB and UP;
  • Changes to the signal systems between the CSX, UP and IHB due to the above tracks connection changes; and,
  • Improving conditions at nine at-grade crossings.

Project Funding Needs

CREATE gauges 03
Seeking construction funding (Phase III)

Project Location Map

This map highlights the project's location within the region. 

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Project Area

North Limit 135th St.
South Limit Monroe St.
East Limit Oak St.
West Limit Eggleston Ave.

Project Overview & Impact

The project will increase freight train speeds for multiple routes from 15 mph to 30 mph, including routes accessing CSX Barr Yard, UP Yard Center, UP Dolton Intermodal Yard, a CSX mainline route, and all mainline connections between IHB, CSX, and UP. The increased speeds will enable this location to handle increased freight train throughput. Due to increased freight train speeds the potential for delay to Amtrak trains will be reduced.

Upgrade and reconfigure the CSX/IHB/UP connections at Dolton Interlocking including the replacement of an NS connection between the IHB and CSX. Construct a third main line with direct access from CSX and Barr Yard to the UP mainline. Construct crossovers between two mainline IHB tracks. Upgrade connection between IHB and UP. Automate Dolton Tower for remote control.

WA11 002

Project Benefits

WA11 will improve the operational conditions at nine at-grade crossings, leading to travel time savings for road users and vehicle operating cost savings through avoided fuel consumption. This will also benefit transit services and businesses operating in the area. 

The project will reduce the potential of truck-involved crashes in the area and the risk of unsafe behaviors, such as trespassing and driving around crossing gates.  WA11 will also provide public safety benefits (e.g., faster and more reliable response to fire or medical emergencies).

Chicago, IL Community Areas: Dolton and Riverdale

The project will enable the handling of more cargo on existing rail infrastructure and increase train speeds through the Chicago Terminal, reducing delays to users on both the road and rail systems. In parallel, the increased capacity of the Chicago Terminal rail freight network will result in fewer shipments being diverted to truck, avoiding negative impacts on roadway pavement conditions or the need for additional maintenance.

WA11 will create wider economic benefits through higher productivity as a result of improved travel time reliability for commuters and better access to markets and jobs in a predominantly minority and low-income area of Cook County, IL.

The freight rail improvements will reduce train idling and potential diversion of shipments to truck, thereby reducing emissions and fuel consumption. The project will also mitigate emissions from idling trucks and motorists stopped at several at-grade crossings by reducing gate down times.

The increased train speeds from this project will enable the handling of an increased number of trains, as well as increase the speed at which Amtrak trains can cross the interlocking, reducing potential delay to Amtrak passenger services.

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Project Status

Phase I Completed
Phase II Underway
Phase III Funded

Project Status Definitions:
– Phase I: Environmental & Preliminary Engineering
– Phase II: Final Design (Plans, Specifications & Estimates)
– Phase III: Construction

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