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Pullman Junction

Topline Community Benefits

This corridor carries about 100 trains per day and is a critical piece of the national freight network. Upgraded signal infrastructure and enhanced track connectivity will allow flexibility and access to four existing main line tracks, increasing the efficiency of the entire corridor.

Additional capacity improvements that will reduce congestion and train delays.

Improved reliability and reduced delays by improving the Pullman Junction bottleneck and increasing rail fluidity throughout the Chicago Terminal. This will result in travel time savings and improvement in operational reliability.

Project Funding Needs

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Seeking construction funding (Phase III)

Project Location Map

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Project Area

North Limit 87th St.
South Limit 95th St.
East Limit Brandon Ave.
West Limit Stewart Ave.

Project Overview & Impact

Trains traveling east on the Belt Railway of Chicago (BRC) toward the NS Chicago Subdivision often must wait for cross traffic to clear, creating main line congestion. Trains traveling westward off the NS Chicago Subdivision are also delayed due to congestion on the BRC. The additional main line track will provide additional capacity for through movements around the trains waiting to access the NS Chicago Subdivision. Additional track and signal upgrades at Pullman Junction will allow greater flexibility and access to four existing main line tracks west of Pullman Junction.

In the BRC’s Commercial Avenue Yard, upgrade an existing yard track to a main line track from Rock Island Junction to Pullman Junction (where the BRC and NS connect near Stony Island and 95th Street). Realign track and upgrade signals at the north end of NS Calumet Yard where track connects to the BRC.  Add yard track capacity at 80th Street to offset the loss of the BRC Commercial Ave. Yard track due to the upgrade to main line track.  Upgrade signals throughout the entire project to Centralized Traffic Control.

Project Benefits

This project involves the addition of a second main track, rail track geometry improvements, and upgrades to signals, switches, and gates in the vicinity of Pullman Junction to remove bottlenecks and replace outdated infrastructure that slow down train movements and limit capacity and throughput. This benefits residents, rail-served freight entities, and the national freight network.

Chicago, IL Community Areas: Burnside, Calumet Heights, Pullman and South Deering, East Side, and South Chicago

This project has the intention of increasing economic opportunities and potential for future development in the region. There are ongoing efforts to bring new or expand existing industries and jobs to the nearby region, including ongoing investment at a number of rail-served industries with connections to Pullman Junction.

This project will also improve reliability and reduce delays on the Chicago rail system by improving the Pullman Junction bottleneck and increasing rail fluidity throughout the Chicago Terminal. This will result in travel time savings and improvement in operational reliability for rail operators, reducing business operating costs, expanding market access, and providing long-term economic benefits for shippers and receivers alike.

This project will construct a sound wall to reduce noise pollution on local communities and reduce idling trains, ultimately improving local air quality. It also improves safety on both the rail and highway systems through safer rail operations and reduced truck exposure to passenger vehicles traveling on the highway.

This project will improve multimodal infrastructure by reducing congestion for all rail systems, including passenger rail service, in the Chicago Terminal.

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Project Status

Phase I Completed
Phase II Underway
Phase III Funded

Project Status Definitions:
– Phase I: Environmental & Preliminary Engineering
– Phase II: Final Design (Plans, Specifications & Estimates)
– Phase III: Construction

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