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Union Pacific Third Mainline – Proviso Yard

Topline Community Benefits

Increased freight and passenger rail reliability for over 115 trains.

Modern physical and digital infrastructure upgrades.

Enhanced local pedestrian environs.

Project Funding Needs

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Fully funded and complete

Project Location Map

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Bellwood, Berkeley, Elmhurst, Melrose Park

Project Area

North Limit Lake St.
South Limit Erie St.
East Limit 25th Ave.
West Limit I-294

Project Overview & Impact

The Union Pacific Third Mainline – Proviso Yard project increased the number of simultaneous train movements and routing options possible for both passenger and freight traffic. Freight trains now have an additional track for mobility during Metra rush hour and cirumventing standing delays of 3 to 4 hours, which were common during the rush hour periods when Metra has priority.

Previously, Metra had access to both main tracks for operation in both directions during peak periods, and freight trains were held stationary while waiting for route availability. Conversely, when freight trains proceeded but were unable to clear the location in the time allowed, Metra trains often experienced delays.

Now, Metra trains can operate unimpeded on two main tracks, while freight trains utilize the third main line, and can operate around slow-moving freight trains entering or leaving Proviso Yard. Additionally, freight trains can traverse the area more freely. The new pedestrian underpasses at the Bellwood and Berkeley Metra stations facilitate safe and efficient movement of commuters from the parking lot to the center platform without crossing the tracks at grade.

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The project constructed a 3.5-mile third main track on the UP Geneva Subdivision, including construction of a new railroad bridge over Addison Creek, allowing for increased operating speeds on the connection between the Indiana Harbor Belt (IHB) and UP. It also constructed a new flyover connection from the IHB to the UP, which crosses over the UP main line tracks and connects with the new third main track and Proviso Yard.

Control points were reconfigured at three locations, along with associated signaling for the new main track. The connection track between the UP and IHB was upgraded to increase allowable speeds from 10 mph to 20 mph. The Metra Berkeley and Bellwood passenger stations on the UP-West line were improved and pedestrian underpasses were constructed at both stations.

Project Benefits

Improved rail systems provide enhanced reliability and less congestion for rail operators, residents, and passengers. The improvements to the system also benefit the associated rail stations and freight rail yards.

Nearby Chicago, IL Community Areas: Elmhurst, Melrose Park, Bellwood, and Berkely

Communities along the Metra Union Pacific West Line

Increasing freight movement and more seamless passenger rail movement enables higher throughput of goods and commuters. 

Without competition for track access, both freight and passenger trains idle less often, emitting less pollution.

59 Metra trains experience speed, reliability, and user experience upgrades.

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Project Status

Phase I Completed
Phase II Completed
Phase III Completed

Project Status Definitions:
– Phase I: Environmental & Preliminary Engineering
– Phase II: Final Design (Plans, Specifications & Estimates)
– Phase III: Construction

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